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With community attention focused on the live poker realm and another month of World Series of Poker action, we thought our readers would like a fun way to read up on Upswing Poker Lore ahead of Doug’s July 2017 WSOP 2% Giveaway.

Test your knowledge by answering the following 15 Multiple Choice Questions related to Team Upswing members Doug Polk, Ryan Fee, Fried Meulders, Fernando Habegger, Pratyush Buddiga and Matt Colletta.

How many can you guess correctly?

1. Before getting into poker, Ryan Fee and Doug Polk knew of each other from which video gaming community?

A. Command & Conquer 3
B. Neverwinter Nights
C. Diablo II
D. Warcraft III

D – Warcraft III (READ HERE) PokerUpdate – Jennifer Newell – Jul 21, 2016

2. In 2006, Doug uploaded a YouTube video performing the following rap tune…

A. The Wakefield Shuffle
B. I Go To Wakefield
C. Wakefield Stars
D. Doug a teenage rapper? No way!

B – I Go To Wakefield (WATCH HERE) – Doug Polk YouTube – Nov 1, 2006

3. To reinforce his commitment to the game, Upswing Poker PLO coach Fernando Habegger once replaced an image on a piece of artwork with a…

A. Poker chip
B. Dealer button
C. Picture of an MTT win
D. Playing card

D – Playing card (READ HERE) Upswing Poker – Poker Life Podcast Recap – Feb 3, 2017 – 36:50

4. Which high profile poker player did Doug run into after the Chicago Cubs won the 2016 NL Pennant?

Upswing Kaitie – MLB NLCS Game #6 – CUBS WIN!

A. Jason Somerville
B. Daniel Negreanu
C. Phil Hellmuth
D. Fedor Holz

C – Phil Hellmuth (READ HERE) Upswing Poker – Doug Polk Relives NLCS Game #6 – Oct 26, 2016

5. In 2015, Doug and his Empire teammates defeated which heads-up poker bot designed by Carnegie-Mellon University professor Tuomas Sandholm?

A. Claudico
B. Claudicus
C. Claudius
D. Claudia

A – Claudico (READ HERE) LA Times – Noah Bierman – May 21, 2015

6. One of Upswing Poker President Matt Colletta’s main goals is to transform at least one hobbyist poker player into a…

A. Live cash game pro
B. Serious 24-tabling grinder
C. Self made millionaire
D. 1800+ rated chess player

C – Self made millionaire (READ HERE) Upswing Poker “About Us” Page – March 2016

7. Doug Polk provided consulting and poker strategy advice to which 2017 WSOP Main Event final table participant?

A. Bryan Piccioli
B. Scott Blumstein
C. John Hesp
D. Dan Ott

D – Dan Ott (WATCH HERE) DougPolkPoker YouTube – July 2017

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8. In November 2008, Ryan won the LAPT San Jose Main Event for $285,000 USD. The victory was ironic because Ryan had…

A. registered for the event on a lark
B. only one chip remaining before coming back to win
C. called his shot the evening before
D. flown to Costa Rica specifically to win the tournament

A – Registered on a lark (READ HERE) Upswing Poker – Ryan Fee – Aug 9, 2016

9. Which poker-playing Hollywood actor/actress bested Doug in a key hand during the 2015 WSOP NLHE Shootout event?

A. Jennifer Tilly
B. James Woods
C. Tobey Maguire
D. Aaron Paul

B – James Woods (READ HERE) Upswing Poker – Poker Life Podcast Recap – Jun 27, 2016

10. Upswing Poker Tournament Master Class instructor Pratyush Buddiga won this prestigious U.S. amateur event in 2002…

A. National Spelling Bee
B. Colorado Number Sense Finals
C. American Inventors Championship
D. Colorado Valedictorian’s Summit

A – National Spelling Bee (READ HERE) Joe Heim – The Washington Post – May 25, 2015

11. Which popular 2016 poker news show featured Doug Polk alongside Joey Ingram?

A. Polkernews
B. Table Talk
C. DPYourCommunity.org Podcast
D. The #RakeIt Review

B – Table Talk with Polk & Papi (READ HERE) Upswing Poker – Table Talk Ep. 3 Recap – Dec 7, 2016

12. Who was Doug’s partner in the 2016 WSOP Tag Team event?

Doug Polk, Ryan Fee, Matt Colletta – Upswing Poker WSOP Party 2016

A. Matt Colletta
B. Fernando Habegger
C. Ryan Fee
D. Joey Ingram

C – Ryan Fee (READ HERE) Upswing Poker – Ryan Fee & Doug Polk Win 2016 WSOP Tag Team Event – Jul 8, 2016

13. In September 2016, Doug reclaimed the Twitch Poker live stream cash record with a runner-up performance in the WCOOP $10k High Roller event for ’bout…

A. $350,000
B. $355,000
C. $455,000
D. $495,000

C – $455,000 (READ HERE) Upswing Poker – Doug Polk Sets New Twitch Poker Record – Sep 19, 2016

14. #CoachDoug was biased towards which 2017 Heads-Up Poker Bot Challenge team member?

A. Dong Kim
B. Jason Les
C. Daniel McAulay
D. Jimmy Chou

A – Dong Kim (WATCH HERE) Coach Doug vs. The Poker Supercomputer – Jan 30, 2017 – 4:45

15. Upswing Poker Lab instructor Fried Meulders cut his teeth on which online poker format?

A. Multi-Table Tournaments
B. Heads-up Pot Limit Omaha
C. Full-ring No Limit Hold’em cash games
D. Six-max No Limit Hold’em cash games

D – Six-Max NLHE cash games (READ HERE) Upswing Poker Lab Welcomes Fried Meulders – Jul 5, 2017 – 3:20

16. In 2017, Doug Polk announced to his YouTube subscribers that he may focus on which non-poker projects in the future?

A. Cryptocurrency and comedy
B. Actions per minute and eSports prowess
C. First class travel vlogging and customer service outreach
D. Vegan dieting and health-conscious cooking

A – Cryptocurrency and comedy (WATCH HERE) Upswing Poker – Jun 12, 2017 – 44:05

17. Which hot-button WSOP 2016 topic did Ryan Fee discuss at length with the community?

A. Online Bracelet Events
B. MTT Staking
C. Las Vegas Lodging
D. Las Vegas Dining

B – MTT Staking (READ HERE) Upswing Poker – Jun 8, 2016

18. Loyal Team Upswing fans are aware that one of Ryan Fee’s online nicknames is…

A. Jim Smith
B. James Smith
C. Jeremiah Smith
D. John Smith

D – John Smith (READ HERE) Ryan Fee Twitter – Jun 9, 2017

19. Immediately following Doug’s third WSOP bracelet win in the 2017 One Drop, Empire cohort Jason Mo jokingly suggested his buddy should start the…

A. Busto Lambo Cookie Jar Fund
B. Baller Lambo Lipo Fund
C. Tai Lopez Lambo Lease Fund
D. American Poker Lambo Legal Fund

B – Baller Lambo Lipo Fund (WATCH HERE) DougPolkPoker YouTube Channel – Jun 9, 2017

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