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Question #1. True or False: The impact of ICM when on a final table bubble is significant and you should generally play tighter as a result

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Question #2. True or False: It’s best to stick with your standard opening range from the button when you’re certain that one (or both) of the players in the blinds is weak/passive

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Question #3. Consider the following hand from a Super Knockout Bounty Tournament (50% of the buy-in is allocated to the bounty pool), with 5,000-chip starting stacks.

9-handed MTT. Blinds 500/1000/100.

Hero is in the BB
folds to sb. SB raises to 13,000 all-in.

How much does the Small Blind’s bounty add to the pot (expressed in chips)?

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Question #4. Considering the same example from question 3, how much equity is needed to profitably call the Small Blind’s shove?

A. 37.6%
B. 44.6%

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Question #5. True or False: You should never call a raise from the Big Blind with a stack under 8BBs.

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Question #6. Consider the following hand

9-handed MTT. Blinds 500/1000/100. 38,000 Effective Stacks.

Hero is in the Big Blind
folds to btn. BTN raises to 2200. sb folds. Hero…

Which hand should you 3-bet from the Big Blind most often?

A. A2o
B. 32s
C. 96o

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Question #7. True or False: With deep stacks and no antes, you should 3-bet like you would in a cash game.

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Question #8. Consider the following scenario

$1,100 Live MTT. Blinds 500/1000/100.

Reads: UTG+1(60BB stack) is very tight preflop and a calling station postflop. Estimated age is around 50 and he appears to be a recreational player from the local area

Hero is dealt 5s-spades-new-cards5d-diamonds-new-cards in the BB
utg folds. UTG+1 raises to 3000. folds to bb. Hero calls.

Flop (Pot: 7400): ah-hearts-new-cards8c-clubs-new-cards5h-hearts-hearts-new-cards
Hero checks. UTG+1 bets 6000. Hero…

Facing this opponent’s c-bet, which is the best option?

A. Call
B. Check-raise
C. Fold

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Question #9. Suppose that you’re on an upswing playing $5 and $11 buy-in tournaments. You decide to take a shot at a $26 tournament. Which field size should you choose to minimize variance?

A. 100

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Question #10. Consider the following hand.

9-handed MTT. Blinds 200/400/50. 16,000 Effective Stacks.

Hero is in the CO
folds to co. Hero raises to 900. 2 folds. BB calls.

Flop (Pot: 2450): td-diamonds-new-cards8s-spades-new-cards6c-clubs-new-cards
BB checks. Hero…

Which hand should we c-bet most often

A. kd-diamonds-new-cardsqd-diamonds-new-cards

B. ad-diamonds-new-cardskd-diamonds-new-cards

C. qd-diamonds-new-cardsjd-diamonds-new-cards

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