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Preflop Strategy Quiz: Only a Feared Grinder Will Get 9/10

Ready to challenge your preflop skills? Because these 10 questions aren’t meant to be easy.

When you get a question correct, make a note and share your total score at the end. glgl!

Question 1: True or False: Limping preflop is never better than raising.

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Question 2: Which of these situations warrants the loosest preflop open-raising ranges?

A. Cash game, 100 big blinds deep.
B. Tournament, 50 big blinds deep, antes in play.
C. Tournament, 50 big blinds deep, without antes.

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Question 3: Fill in the blank: You should open raise to a ______ size when playing in an ante game compared to a non-ante game.

(Assuming the same stack depth.)

A: Smaller
B: Larger

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Question 4: Consider the following hand.

$0.50/$1 6-Max on PokerStars. $100 Effective Stacks.

Hero is on the button
2 folds. Cutoff raises to $2.5. Hero…

Which hand should Hero 3-bet for value most often?

A. A♣ Q♣
B. 8♦ 8♣
C. K♣ Q♣

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Question 5: Fill in the blank: When your stack decreases from 100bb to 40bb, you should 3-bet a _____ range of hands.

A. Looser
B. Tighter

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Question 6: Consider the following hand.

$0.25/$0.50 6-Max Online. $50 Effective Stacks.

Hero is in the big blind
3 folds. CO raises to $1.50. button folds. SB calls. Hero…

Which hand should Hero 3-bet squeeze with most often?

A. 4♠ 4
B. A 2
C. A 9

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Question 7: Consider the following hand.

$5/$10 Live. $1,200 Effective Stacks.

Hero is on the button
4 folds. HiJack raises to $30. cutoff folds. Hero…

Which hand should Hero flat call with most often?

A. 7♠ 6♠
B. Q♠ J♠
C. A♠ 5♠ 

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Question 8: Which of these factors is most important when choosing a preflop open-raise size in tournaments? 

(Assume 50bb deep with antes in play.)

A. Your position.
B. The tendencies of the player in the big blind.
C. Your hand.

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Question 9: Suppose you’re playing $1/$2 online with $200 effective stacks.

You open-raise to $5 from the button and the small blind 3-bets to $19. You know the small blind is a regular, but have no specific reads or statistics.

Which hand should you 4-bet with most often?

A. A♠ J
B. 6 4
C. A♠ 4♠

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Question 10: Consider the following tournament hand.

$109 Online Tournament. Blinds 500/1000/100. 47,000 effective stacks.

Hero is in the big blind
5 folds. Cutoff raises to 2,200. 2 folds. Hero…

Cutoff is a multi-tabling regular with an average preflop raise frequency and a slightly higher than average fold to 3-bet frequency. In response to these statistics, Hero decides to use a polarized 3-betting strategy, including value hands at the top of his range and bluffs at the bottom.

Which of these hands should Hero include in the bottom of his 3-betting range most often?

A. 6 4
B. 8♠ 7♣
C. A 2♣

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How’d you do?

Please comment below and let us know!

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