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Poker Pop Quiz: Sick PLO Cooler at $300/$600 Featuring Ivey, Galfond & Antonius

It’s a star-studded lineup playing $300/$600 Pot Limit Omaha on Poker After Dark…

…and all 6 players saw the flop after a straddle to $1,200 from Patrik Antonius. Patrik couldn’t have flopped much better, but he can’t be happy to see a flush completing river card followed by a big bet from Phil Galfond.

What decision would you make in Patrik’s spot? Read on for the full hand history, analysis and video results.

Hand History

The cash game blinds are $300/$600 and the relevant stacks are as follows:

  • Phil Ivey – $292,000
  • Phil Galfond – $140,000
  • Patrik Antonius – $65,000


Patrik Antonius straddles to $1,200 and is dealt:

Phil Ivey calls. Tom Dwan calls. Brian Hasting calls. Phil Galfond calls. Brandon Adams calls. Patrik Antonius checks.

Flop (Pot: $7,200)

The flop is

Galfond checks. Adams checks. Antonius bets $5,000. Ivey calls $5,000. 2 folds. Galfond calls $5,000. Adams folds.

Turn (Pot: $22,200)

The turn is the

Galfond checks. Antonius bets $21,000. Ivey calls $21,000. Galfond calls $21,000.

River ($64,200)

The river is the

Galfond bets $56,000. (Patrik has $38,000 behind.)

Time to make your decision. Remember, you still have Phil Ivey behind you.

Take a moment to decide. Click “Show” for the results or watch the video below.

Spoiler InsideSelectShow


Hand and Analysis

Check back later for more quizzes and poker strategy videos. See you then!

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