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The Best 10 Poker Apps

If you’re looking for the best poker apps, then look no more! We have compiled a list of the 10 best poker apps for you.

Full disclosure: we are NOT affiliated in any way with these poker apps. We simply think they are the best poker apps on the market, and wanted to share them with you!



This is a great resource for poker news as well as tournament results and updates.


Link to the Poker News App HERE

My Stack


A great innovation by Pokernews, this app allows a player to update their tournament chip stacks themselves rather than relying on reports to do so, allowing friends, family, and onlookers to have up-to-date information on their progress.


Link to the MyStack App HERE



Send and receive payments on your phone. It’s great for settling debt, credit card roulette, or just simply gambling.


Link to Venmo App HERE



If you prefer to settle up in cash or chips, Splitwise is a great resource for tracking owed debts.


Link to SplitWise App Here

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In the event that you are traveling abroad or want to exchange currencies, XE provides up-to-date foreign exchange rates to ensure you get the fairest possible price.



Link to XE App Here



Many if not most casinos use the Bravo poker software to display game information in the casino. That information links up with the app, giving you real-time data on what games are running in which casinos, as well as all relevant casino information.

This app is an absolute must for anyone that plays live – every single live pro I know uses it.


Link to the Bravo Poker App Here

Poker Income Tracker (Free/$9.99)


This app, which has free and paid versions, is perfect for tracking your live results at the table. You can enter the stakes, results, location, and time played, and use the app’s interface to track your results.

It has always astonished me how many players, especially live, don’t keep good track of results. It is incredibly important.

By having accurate data on your results, you can analyze your results. You may notice that Saturday has twice the expectation of Tuesday, in terms of hourly, or that after your 7th hour of play your game start to deteriorate.

It is also helpful to have a database of your results so that you can reflect. Eventually everyone goes on a downswing. Having a display of a long-term sample of your play is nice to fall back on and to remind yourself that you are a winner, but there is a volatile nature to results in poker.



Link to the Poker Income Tracker Here



Pineapple Open Face Chinese poker is one of the most popular and addictive forms of Chinese. This game and app is used by an unbelievable number of poker players.

I would suggest checking it out – at the very least, it is a really fun way to kill some time.

Here is a link to the rules:


Link to the Pineapple! App Here

Snapshove (Free/$9.99)


Snapshove – a very powerful resource for tournaments– was created by @max_silver, a successful high stakes tournament player from Ireland. 

When you get really short in tournaments, many hands will be played for an all-in. It is often easy to make a big mistake for your tournament life. Snapshove solves this problem by giving you profitable shove and call ranges from all positions. 

All you have to do is tell the app your position and your number of big blinds and it will tell you exactly what hands you can profitably shove.

Snapshove will also tell you what hands to call from what positions, given that someone has shoved in front of you.

There is also a training mode where you can test your skills ahead of time.

I think this is a great resource and easily worth the money if you play tournaments with any regularity.


Link to the Snapshove App Here

Tourny Cruncher


This program is an ICM (Independent Chip Model) Calculator.

As the tournament progresses, the value of chips changes. Since winning all the chips does not let you win the entire prize pool, additional chips in a big stack are worth less and in a small stack are worth more.

ICM calculates the value of a player’s chip stack deep in a tournament. Simply enter the remaining players’ chip stacks as well as the payout structure and Tourny Cruncher will give you a dollar amount for each player’s stack.

This app is useful for when you are at the final table and are interested in making a

Link to Tournament Cruncher Here


Bonus 11th poker app:

Poker Cruncher ($6.99)


This is the phone version of hand matrix programs such as Equilab, Odds Oracle, or Poker Ranger.

This incredibly powerful tool allows you to analyze the equity of not just a hand versus another hand, but a hand versus a player’s entire range or even a range versus another range.

If you’ve read our blog post on hand matrix programs, then you’ll know how incredibly important they are. If you often play live poker, then I would definitely recommend this program.



Link to Poker Cruncher App Here

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