Doug Polk with Fried Meulders

Upswing Poker Lab Welcomes Fried Meulders

New Lab instructor MYNAMEISKARL talks in-depth with Doug Polk.

Doug Polk returned to the YouTube airwaves recently to welcome NL $500 Zoom pro Fried Meulders to the channel. Meulders, who goes by the name MYNAMEISKARL online, has been a six-max No Limit Hold’em specialist throughout his career and will become an integral part of our Upswing Poker Lab instruction.

Originally from Belgium, the online pro won’t be making the trip to Las Vegas this coming weekend to participate in the World Series of Poker Main Event, preferring instead to concentrate on his daily responsibilities both at and away from the virtual felts.

Following is a Timestamps Recap of the July 3rd program.

(0:00) Intro
(0:55) Fried Meulders (MYNAMEISKARL) of Belgium is new Upswing Lab coach
(1:30) Fried’s “Magic: The Gathering” background
(3:20) Meulders is 6-max NLHE specialist
(4:40) Discussion about 6–max NLHE
(6:00) Which games/stakes/sites/formats does Fried compete at?
(7:25) Discussion about $2/$5 NLHE Zoom on PokerStars
(10:40) PokerStars rake increases + discussion
(14:14) MYNAMEISKARL screen name story – The Big Lebowski
(15:45) Why Meulders has remained at $500 NLHE Zoom
(20:20) Seating Scripts and how they’ve changed online poker
(23:00) Some pros have actually moved closer to Isle of Man/PokerStars due to Seating Scripts
(25:37) Fried’s thoughts and experiences with heads-up formats
(27:30) Libratus CMU poker bot shout-out
(28:10) Strategy differences between heads-up and 6-max situations/analysis
(31:03) PokerSnowie’s usefulness during pre-GTO solvers era
(33:30) How Doug improved his skills back when he played full time
(35:15) Doug’s thoughts on solvers
(36:30) Fried’s thoughts on solvers
(40:10) The Great Game of Pot Limit Omaha and JNandezPoker shout-out
(44:30) Fried’s “leading” size & style + ensuing discussion
(47:20) Theoretical versus Exploitative playing styles
(1:00:20) Really small Flop bets and massive Turn bets
(1:07:00) Doug’s favorite poker book – Applications in No Limit Hold’em by Matthew Janda
(1:13:30) Poker Coaching discussion
(1:19:55) Twitter Questions
(1:23:10) Players love tournaments, but Fried prefers vacation over playing WSOP Main Event
(1:24:25) Doug has difficulty staying away from work during vacations
(1:29:50) Fried’s Top 5 Players rankings
(1:31:40) Bots in online poker and the future of poker
(1:39:10) Last words for the “good people of YouTube”
(1:39:40) Upswing Poker Las Vegas Party at Surrender nightclub
(1:40:20) Night Swim…. Fees is 100% going into the pool!

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Low-stakes Online Poker Player: 2005-2007
PocketFives Podcast Host: 2006-2011
PocketFives Editor/Head Mod: 2008-2011
FlopTurnRiver Forum Manager: 2014-2015
Upswing Poker Writer: June 2016-Present



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