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Fernando Habegger (JNandez87) Signs with Upswing Poker

Joey Ingram welcomes fellow PLO strategy expert to the Poker Life Podcast.
Chasing The Poker Dream debut.

PLO poker expert Fernando Habegger (known by his fans as @JNandezPoker on Twitter) has joined forces with Upswing Poker and promises the “best PLO product on the market” in his most recent conversation with Joey Ingram on the Poker Life Podcast.

An outpouring of support has flooded in from social media this week from fans who are excited about Fernando’s future PLO contributions to Upswing Poker.

Habegger hails from Switzerland and has been playing online poker since 2006. He quickly became successful in NLHE cash games but shifted his focus to Pot Limit Omaha in 2011. His 3-hour discussion with Papi covers a wide range of topics which are listed in the Timestamps section below.

The February 2, 2017 dialogue includes highlights from Papi’s new book – Chasing The Poker Dream. The book contains in-depth thoughts from Ingram on how to achieve success in the game of poker – with contributions from Habegger, fellow Upswing Poker pro Ryan Fee, Cole South, Dan Colman, John Beauprez and other big-name high stakes players.

Poker Life Podcast Timestamps (Fernando Habegger)

(0:00) Chasing The Poker Dream now available on Amazon
(1:10) JNandez87 intro
(2:30) Fernando is now Upswing Poker PLO specialist
(3:30) Strategy discussion while streaming is difficult
(5:00) What will Fernando offer Upswing subscribers?
(6:30) Best PLO product on the market about to be released?
(9:20) Best strategy for “chess” Fernando in a relationship with PLO?
(13:00) Chasing The Poker Dream discussion – contributors

Joey Ingram - Poker Author, Prop Bet King

Joey Ingram – Poker Author, Prop Bet King

(16:00) Making sacrifices to achieve success
(26:00) The GTO approach to reach mastery
(34:30) Recommended Reading
(36:50) Sick Bellagio card-art story
(38:00) Being emotional about goals and achievements
(39:40) Joey has been in the “chess lab” learning more about touching
(41:10) Joey’s thoughts on how to interact with a lover
(42:40) Joey’s main challenges with the GTO Club
(47:10) The Crash & Burn effect of reaching goals
(52:50) Today’s elite talent is highly skilled
(56:20) Observers underestimate how skilled the best poker players are
(57:40) Dealing with swongs
(1:01:30) Different approaches to high stakes PLO
(1:03:00) Joey is shocked at lack of effort some poker pros put in
(1:07:10) Fernando’s Top 5 Awesome Podcast Moments list
(1:13:10) Chasing The Poker Dream has 50 chapters
(1:14:10) What happened with the book’s original title?
(1:17:20) Dealing with losing money at poker
(1:21:20) How do top poker players view small expenses?
(1:24:00) Writing versus speaking
(1:25:00) Joey talks about his prop bets
(1:26:40) Can an individual “learn” to achieve greatness?
(1:29:00) Fernando tells childhood story about “overdoing” things
(1:30:10) Most skills can be a gift and a curse at the same time
(1:31:20) Is Joey teaching MTT players now?
(1:31:50) “Cash Game Master Race” rhetoric
(1:33:50) JNandez87 explains why PLO players are cool
(1:35:50) Multitasking
(1:36:40) Do you play from a “pure equity” perspective in cash games?
(1:39:30) Doug Polk Bankroll Challege shout-out
(1:40:30) Most important qualities for a successful poker player
(1:42:10) JNandez87’s “3 Biggest Takeaways” of poker prowess
(1:43:00) Fernando pimps Chasing The Poker Dream
(1:43:40) Papi discusses book’s price – $9.99
(1:45:40) GTO Club “Phase 2” (10k monthly subscribers in 2 years?)
(1:47:10) Papi may explore market/guests outside of poker in future
(1:49:00) Papi talks prop bet smack, gets no taker
(1:51:40) JNandez87’s Upswing path from late 2016 to now
(1:53:40) How connecting with a community can aid premium sub. sales
(1:54:40) Joey heading to California for American Poker Awards
(1:55:10) Fernando is heading to the elite PLO strategy streets
(1:57:00) “You can make a lot of money playing PLO these days.”
(1:58:50) Quality control when it comes to poker strategy coaching
(2:02:40) Does Joey have RunItOnce ties?
(2:04:40) Joey’s GTO podcast hosting skills
(2:06:30) Poker skills have been useful to Joey in quest for improvement
(2:08:00) GTO podcast conversations (how to)
(2:09:10) Fernando and Papi talk American Poker Awards Streamer of the Year
(2:10:00) Doug Polk shunned by APA?

(2:11:00) Explanation of APA categories
(2:13:20) GPI “Panel of 4” will decide winners
(2:15:30) Papi bans troll for not understanding “tank top love”
(2:17:50) JNandez87 on Cop Girl Grind?
(2:20:10) Fernando talks about his ideal relationship
(2:25:20) Joey says women enjoy being called “lover” by their partner
(2:26:30) Is Joey Ingram’s guitar named Cindy?
(2:27:40) “It won’t go!”
(2:28:40) Prawn and adult talk
(2:33:40) Did Joey win his no-prawn prop bet with Fedor Holz?
(2:36:30) Joey’s top book recommendation
(2:36:50) Joey wonders how to credit those who contributed to his book
(2:38:20) JNandez87’s upcoming projects with Upswing
(2:39:20) Papi does hilarious “vlogging” impersonation
(2:42:00) New ChicagoJoey merchandise on the way?
(2:43:20) Papi shares cringeworthy feedback from podcast fan
(2:48:00) Upcoming guests. Ryan Fee podcast on Saturday!

Ryan Fee - Upswing Poker Featured Pro

Ryan Fee – Upswing Poker Featured Pro

(2:50:40) Cool poker players Fernando and Papi have met
(2:57:50) Dan Bilzerian discussion
(3:00:30) Wrap-up. Chasing The Poker Dream outro
(3:01:00) Joey will be reading the audio version
(3:01:20) Follow @JNandezPoker on Twitter

(PLO Strategy: Want to become better at PLO? Click on the following link or the image below to get Fernando Habegger’s 10 Pot Limit Omaha Secrets Exposed!)


David Huber (known online as 'dhubermex') has been involved in the poker industry since he began playing low stakes games in 2004. His current duties with Upswing Poker revolve around creative web content development, consulting, and research of publicly-available information. David is a former Editor-in-Chief and Head Moderator of online poker tournament rankings site PocketFives.com (2006-2011).



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