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Cash Game Strategy Quiz – How Much Do You Actually Know?

Get ready to put your cash game strategy knowledge to the test.

The 10 questions in this quiz are based on Upswing’s cash game content from the past year. When you get a question correct, make a note and share your total score at the end!

Question #1: Consider the following hand

$0.50/$1.00 on PokerStars. $100 effective stacks.

Hero is in the HiJack
Hero raises to $2.50. 3 folds. BB calls.

Flop ($5.50) K♣ J♣ 8♠
BB checks. Hero bets $3. BB calls.

Turn ($11.50) 4
BB checks. Hero bets $7. BB calls.

River ($25.50) 5♠
BB checks. Hero…

Which hand is a more effective bluff on the river?

B. T♣ 9♣

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Question 2: When you want to c-bet with a lot of your range, what size should you use?

A. Large (between 66-80% of the pot)
B. Small (between 25-40% of the pot)
C. Overbet (More than 100% of the pot)

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Question 3: On the river you bet $100 into a pot of $100, so your opponent must call $100 to win $200. What is the theoretically optimal bluff-to-value bet ratio?

A. 50% bluffs, 50% value bets
B. 67% bluffs, 33% value bets
C. 33% bluffs, 67% value bets

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Question 4: Suppose you’re on the button facing a preflop raise from the cutoff (100 big blinds deep). Which hand would you rather 3-bet bluff?

A. A 2
B. J♣ 8♣

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Question 5: Consider the following hand

$2/$5 in a Casino. $500 effective stacks.

Hero is in the cutoff
Hero raises to $20. btn folds. SB calls. bb folds.

Flop ($45) J 8♠ 7♣
SB checks. Hero…

Which hand would you most like to check-back with the intention of delay c-betting on the turn for value

A. 87s
B. J9s
C. AJo

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Question 6: Same situation as question 5. Which hand would you most like to check-back with the intention of delay c-betting on the turn as a bluff

A. 6 5
B. K♠ Q
C. Q♠ 9♠

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Question 7: On which of these boards should you probe bet with a wider range?

A. T♣ 8 5 6♠
B. A K♣ 9♠ 9

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Question 8: True or False: You should tighten your c-bet range in multi-way pots.

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Question 9: Consider the following hand

50NL 6-Max on the Winning Poker Network. 41.28bb Effective Stacks.

Hero is in the CO
2 folds. Hero raises to 3bb. btn folds. SB calls. bb folds.

Flop (7bb): K J♠ 2
SB checks. Hero…

Which flush draw should you c-bet most often on the flop?

A. 85
C. A6

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Question 10: Suppose you’re playing $0.50/$1.00 online, and you’re on the button facing a cutoff open.

The player in the cutoff is a weak regular that you’ve played with before. Your stats on him show that he open-raises at a standard frequency, but folds to 3-bets at a somewhat high frequency–55%.

How should you approach 3-betting in this spot?

A. 3-bet a polarized range containing both strong value hands and bluffs
B. 3-bet a merged range containing strong value hands, medium strength hands, and suited connectors

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How many questions did you answer correctly?

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