Poker Strategy


3 Tips for Crushing Rebuy Tournaments (Infographic)

By Mike Brady | March 22, 2017

More like WEEEEE!-buy tournaments, right guys?!?!

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kelly winterhalter vs phil hellmuth

Phil Hellmuth Decides to Play Seven-Four Offsuit Like Aces (Hand Analysis)

By Jose Aguilar | March 22, 2017

In Doug Polk’s first video since partnering with Poker Night in America, he reviews a hand played by Phil Hellmuth, aka the greatest poker player of all time (source: Phil Hellmuth).

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Vanessa Rousso FIRES Back at Tony G in Massive Cooler Hand (Hand Analysis)

By Jose Aguilar | March 20, 2017

Tony G is known for, among many other things, never shutting up at the table, elevating ‘speech play’ in the process.

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tournament player mistakes

The 4 Dumbest Career-Ending Mistakes Tournament Players Make

By Miikka Anttonen | March 17, 2017

Poker is a hard way to make an easy living.

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Poker News


A Win for Poker: Live Philadelphia Cash Game Stream Impresses

By David Huber | March 18, 2017

Doug Polk earns more than $80,000 in blue-ribbon beatdown.
Day 1 cast brings in 75 Ratings Share with 4,300 concurrent Twitch Poker viewers.
Congratulations to Poker Night in America & Sugarhouse Casino.

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Doug Polk Reveals Top 5 Traits of the VERY BEST Poker Players

By David Huber | March 15, 2017

Showdown skills will only get you so far.

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Top 5 Poker News Stories of 2017 (So Far)

By David Huber | March 13, 2017

Online poker legislation, Libratus and high profile player engagement kick-off an unprecedented year in poker history.

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tom dwan scam doug polk

Doug Polk Links Tom Dwan to Another 7-Figure Scandal

By Jose Aguilar | March 11, 2017

A mysterious but well known poker player has owed pro sports bettor Haralabos Voulgaris a seven figure sum since 2012.

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Poker Lifestyle

life lessons poker kristy arnett

5 Lessons I’ve Learned After a Decade of Poker

By Kristy Arnett | March 21, 2017

For the past decade, I’ve been a poker player.

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How to Crush Live Tournaments as an Online Player

By Miikka Anttonen | January 31, 2017

Most online grinders find very little success when they take their first shot at a live tournament.

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Dan Polk Brings Poker to Pennsylvania

By David Huber | January 30, 2017

#CoachDoug aims for yogurt-top gold in Scranton Poker satire. Empire lieutenants strategize. Smart money still on Libratus.

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Don’t Let Cheaters Get the Best of You at the Live Poker Table

By Jimmy Fricke | December 27, 2016

According to Wikipedia, Hanlon’s razor is “an aphorism expressed in various ways including ‘“Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity,’” or ‘“Don’t assume bad intentions over neglect and misunderstanding.

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Poker Quizzes

calamusa poker pop quiz pocket kings

Poker Pop Quiz: What’s Your Move with Calamusa’s Pocket Kings?

By Jason Lee | January 4, 2017

What’s your move? Hand details and video results below.

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max value fixed limit hold em

How To Extract Max Value in Limit Hold’em

By Jimmy Fricke | November 22, 2016

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limpers quiz limp

[QUIZ] How Much Do You Really Know About Playing Vs Limpers

By Team Upswing | October 25, 2016

Players who open limp are, more often then not, weak, passive and very exploitable. Capitalizing is key when you’re fortunate enough to find a player who consistently open limps at your table.

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4-bet 5-bet ninja quiz

[QUIZ] Are You A 4-Bet Ninja?

By Mike Brady | October 24, 2016

4-Bet and 5-bet pots are the largest pots in poker and they’re as complex as they are important. Nailing down the specifics is crucial in 4-bet and 5-bet pots, where the inflated pot sizes have a massive effect on your bottom line.

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Ryan Fee Talks Poker Strategy, Current Events on Poker Life Podcast

By David Huber | February 4, 2017

PLO secrets. DNegs discussion. Chasing The Poker Dream.
Timestamp summary of Feb 4, 2017 live cast.

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Fernando Habegger (JNandez87) Signs with Upswing Poker

By David Huber | February 3, 2017

Joey Ingram welcomes fellow PLO strategy expert to the Poker Life Podcast.
Chasing The Poker Dream debut.

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Doug Polk Joins Remko Rinkema on Poker Central Podcast

By David Huber | February 1, 2017

Brains vs. AI Challenge, Aussie Millions, Dan Bilzerian and more.
Timestamp review of Jan 30, 2017 PCP Episode #3.

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Mike ‘Timex’ McDonald Discusses PokerShares on Joe Ingram’s Podcast.

By Jose Aguilar | February 1, 2017

Mike McDonald, AKA Timex, has become one of the latest poker entrepreneurs with the launch of his site PokerShares.com (some countries are blocked from this site due to gambling regulations).

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